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What's The Deal With Millennial Pink?


Millennial Pink. Type this term into Google and you’ll receive headlines like “Why Millennial Pink Refuses to Go Away,” “Millennial Pink is the Color of Now” and “Why Are We So Obsessed With Millennial Pink?” Magazines, brands, designers, and even scientists have become obsessed with this particular color and its invasive takeover of our society. I say takeover because you can no longer browse your social media feed, enter a store, or even walk down the street without seeing it’s blush-toned tint. Hell, it’s even a new trend in hair color! 

Obviously, the pervasiveness of millennial pink is bordering on over the top. But where exactly did it start? Some people attribute it to Pantone naming Rose Quartz one of their colors of the year back in 2015. Others will reference Pantone’s (after all, they are the authority on all things color) 2017 Spring Fashion Report that focused on “Pale Dogwood,” – side note, how many names are there for pale blush pink? – and still, others will claim it started even earlier with brands link Acne, Onomie, and Glossier. One could reasonably claim that it all began with Instagram’s iconic Mayfair and Willow filters. The point is that nobody really knows. 

However it came to be, you cannot deny the fact that millennial pink is a trend that’s hung around far longer than anyone expected. It’s even found its way into some of my work – such as my senior thesis project from 2014. (I was ahead of Pantone in the trend forecast.)

While some people think the obsession with millennial pink is “so over”, I’m not so certain. Maybe it’s a byproduct of the modern feminist revolution currently underscoring our society – with women recognizing that being strong and independent does not have to come at the cost of femininity. Perhaps it’s the fact that the color is universally flattering when used in clothing, accessories, and yes, Instagram filters. It could simply be the fact that in naming it Millennial Pink, the color became a rallying cry for all of us who loosely identify as millennials (probably not.) 

The point is, I’m not entirely sure that millennial pink is a trend anymore. 

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