Stefani Wilkens
Stefani Wilkens | Graphic Designer


The Women of Auburn

Website imagery by  Courtney Hurst Windham.

Website imagery by Courtney Hurst Windham.

I am extremely proud to be an Auburn woman. You’ll hear me discussing my love of the school, the football team, and the Auburn family ALL THE TIME! That’s why I was very excited to be involved in a special celebration of Auburn women.

The first women were enrolled at Auburn University in 1892, which means that in 2017 we celebrated 125 years of female enrollment. In order to mark this milestone, the School of Graphic and Industrial Design decided to create a website that collected interviews with some of it’s influential female graduates. I was incredibly honored to be selected as one of these women.

I completed my interview about a year ago and have been holding my breath ever since – waiting for it to be published on the site. I’m excited to say that the day has finally come, and you are now able to read the details of my interview here.

Be sure to explore the site in it’s entirety, as there are some truly incredible women featured and every interview provides great advice and insight into the design world. 

It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!