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Design Blogs to Follow


I recently wrote a post about the newsletters you should be getting in your inbox. It’s been so popular that I thought I’d create something similar, but this time about blogs. Without further ado (because I’m really feeling like just getting straight to the point) here are the design blogs you should be following:

FORM FIFTY FIVE \\\ For a design-centric discussion on everything from driverless cars to annual reports, look no farther than Form Fifty Five. With a vast collection of posts and a large variety of topics, there’s something here for everyone.

THE DIELINE \\\ Packaging connoisseurs rejoice! The dueling has all the latest and greatest ready for you. From in-depth interviews with leading firms to tidbits of history and trend reports, this is the place to go if packaging is your “thing.”

SHILLINGTON DESIGN BLOG \\\ This is a rare bird in terms of design blogs in that it belongs to a design school. However, it’s jam-packed with practical advice that all designers can benefit from!

ART OF THE MENU \\\ For a blog with such a narrow focus, Art of the Menu packs a serious punch. You’ll love pouring over all the different ways there are to design a single product!

THE DESIGN BLOG \\\ Looking for something all inclusive? This is the blog for you! With categories for every type of design imaginable (think advertising, fashion, furniture, illustration, typography, and more) you’ll definitely find a wide variety of inspiration.

DESK \\\ Looking for some practical career advice along with a dash of current events and history? Desk by House of Van Schneider is your go-to spot for all of the above.

MINDSPARKLE MAG \\\ What’s the real difference between a blog and an online magazine anyways? This particular site manages to flit seamlessly between the two genres for an offering that’s wholly unique. Check it out to see some of the best in packaging, branding, and product design (plus everything in between!)

AMBALAJ \\\ Insight, design, and technology are the categories that make up this eclectic and visually stunning blog. If you’d like to engage in some creative thinking or are simply looking for inspiration, this Swedish site will fulfill your desires!

What do you think? Did I leave any off the list? Add a comment with what I may have forgotten to mention!

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