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Stefani Wilkens | Graphic Designer


Breaking Down Plastic with the South Carolina Aquarium

There is too much plastic in the ocean. That's a fact. Right now, plastic pollution is such a problem that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Gross, right? 

This was the problem posed by the South Carolina Aquarium when they approached Maga Design last year about branding a conference and larger initiative to combat plastic pollution. The Breaking Down Plastic initiative was shaped primarily by the fact that we can no longer afford to ignore plastic pollution. 

Working with a talented team, including fellow designers Charlotte Moore and Caroline Czajkowski, we tackled this issue by creating branding for the conference itself, a poster/map that explained the most pressing issues revealed by experts at the conference, a supporting website, and social media posts that could be shared to spread awareness after the conclusion of the event. 

This infographic was created to explain the most valuable data points, both quantitative and qualitative, gathered from the conference. As you can see, our current pathway is bogged down by pollution, but by making some key changes, we have the opportunity to shift our fate and create a cleaner world for the future.

One of the most important aspects of this project was maintaining an ongoing connection with the public. In instances like this, ongoing engagement is the difference between people saying, "Oh, what a shame!" and actually going out and making changes in their habits. Working with the aquarium, we created a website where you can sign a pledge to reduce plastic pollution and then share some illustrations on social media to get more people engaged. 

Interested in learning more about plastic pollution and the breaking down plastic initiative? Check out the website and don't forget to take the pledge today!

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