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Creative Conferences You Should Definitely Attend

Conferences are a great way to enhance your career. They provide valuable opportunities to learn new skills, expand your network, and share your talents with others in the industry. Y’all loved the entry I shared a few months ago about the Revolve Conference, so I thought I’d go ahead and recommend some other creative gatherings that you might consider attending.


October 24 – 26, 2018 | Charleston, SC

Likely one of the smaller conferences on the list, Revolve is a great local find (especially if you live in the low country.) With two days that are jam-packed full of talks, you’ll meet some really cool creatives, learn a ton about navigating creative industries, and walk away with a ton of knowledge – including, if you’re anything like me, a boatload of blog post topics.

Creative South

2019 Date TBD | Columbus, GA

This is the next conference on my list to attend! (Hopefully, I’ll make it there next year.) I had a large group of friends attend this year (it was last month) and they all gushed about how amazing the experience was. Expect talks, workshops, and collaborative events – all with a distinctly southern twist.

Create Cultivate

2019 Date TBD | Location TBD

If you’re active on Instagram, you know what this one is all about. Specifically geared towards women (sorry guys!), this event is where you want to be in order to create and cultivate (see what I did there) the career of your dreams!

HOW Design Live

2019 Date TBD | 2019 Location TBD

This conference occurred earlier this month in Boston. With educational experiences, keynote speakers, and a huge number of industry professionals, HOW promises to be massively enjoyable and educational.

Adobe MAX

October 15 - 17 | Los Angeles, CA

Who better to learn software from than the creators themselves? Adobe MAX is one of the largest conferences around, with everything from keynote speakers to panel discussions to workshops! And as an added bonus, those of you who can’t make it to LA can watch certain sessions online. Check out their blog for some of last year’s best sessions!

The Smashing Conference

2019 Date TBD | San Francisco, CA

Head over to where I grew up for an “intimate” conference (they only have 500 available seats) focused on a different topic each year. The 2018 topic was breaking out of the generic design world. Oh, and for all you Canadians…they also have a conference in Toronto.

AIGA Annual Conference

April 4 – 6, 2019 | Pasadena, CA

No list of conferences would be complete without the AIGA Annual Conference. They are, after all, the professional association for graphic designers. (If you don’t know about them, you’d better check them out quick!) One of the highlights of this particular conference is their live competitions – and we all know why I’m a fan of those.

Did I leave something off the list? Have you attended any of the above? Let me know in the comments!

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