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A Few More Things for You to Spend Your Money On...

So, I did a thing. I've opened an online shop. Yes, you can now purchase my work. Get excited! 

How did this come about? Well, it all started when I graduated college and realized I had absolutely nothing pretty to put on the walls of my first apartment. I wasn't finding anything I actually liked at Hobby Lobby or, so I did what I normally do when searching for recommendations – I turned to the blogs I follow. I found that there was a website where artists can upload their work and have it turned into art prints, canvases, framed posters, coffee mugs, t-shirts, bedspreads, and more! It's called Society6 and it's how I managed to decorate my first apartment without breaking the bank. 

About a year after discovering the site I was looking to switch up a poster that I had in my bedroom. I was getting frustrated because I knew exactly what I wanted but wasn't finding it. That's when the aha moment hit – I could make it myself! Yes, I'm a trained and practicing graphic designer and it took me a year to realize that I could start selling my work via Soceity6. (Facepalm.) But that's the true story of how my shop was born. Hello, side hustle! 

What exactly am I selling? I'm glad you asked. 

These are just a few examples of what I'm currently offering. You'll have to visit my page for more! Be sure to check back regularly for updates – I'll be adding new pieces every week or so – and follow along on social media for new product updates, sale announcements, and a behind-the-scenes look at my development process. 

Is there anything you'd particularly like to see me add to the shop? Leave a comment and I'll add it to my to-do list! (Promise!)

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